Leased Lines

We provide Fiber connectivity and Leased Lines from your location to any location across India.

Highspeed Broadband

You can stream video without buffering, possible with our unbeatable speed of 1 Gig & more.


We provides Intercom services and also projects in EPABX Intercom System, Remote Surveillance,etc.

Low Latency Links

We offer low latency links for streaming services like Voice & Video at a higher speed and easily accessible.

Managed Services

We provide various managed service for you which helps you stay connected with various nearby devices.

MPLS Services

We provide this service to avoid complex lookups in a routing table and shorter the path of data directing.

CCTV Surveillance

This service enables you to effortlessly monitor your property and the well being of your loved ones at all times.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions offers virtually limitless storage, increased data reliability & easy accessiblity.

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing enables you to connect with people visually anywhere with higher audio and video quality.

We provide customised consulting services. Meet our Experts and Get a consulting today!