Parental Control

Children are an integral part of our online community. The Internet offers kids many opportunities for learning, constructive entertainment, and personal growth. But there are a lot of risks that children face online. Working together, we can make the online environment a safe and rewarding experience for children.

Filtering software like antiviruses, CYBERPATROL, NETNANNY, and SURFWATCH etc. can help keep children from inappropriate online areas. Like the rest of the world, the Internet may contain some material that is inappropriate for young audiences. There are a number of ways you can control what your child can see and do online. Filtering tools are a great way to tailor your child's online experience, but there is no substitute for parental involvement online.

MAKE digital issues part of everyday conversation. Show your child that you understand how important technology is to them and talk about all its amazing benefits, but don’t shy away from difficult subjects like responsible online behaviour, bullying and pornography.

SET specific internet guidelines for your children to live by and consistently enforce consequences if they are not being followed. Manage your children’s time on the internet.

UNDERSTAND Internet Privacy Policies as they apply to your child. Parents should be aware of these for protecting their children’s privacy on the web. Find out more here:

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