Intercom / Telephony

Our IP Phone System is the most innovative solution for VoIP telecommunication in SMB (Small and Medium-sized Business) market. They provide not only traditional PBX functions such as automated attendant and voicemail, but also offer many advanced telephony features, including remote extensions, remote office connection, IVR, call recording, call detail records(CDR).

All of these can serve to greatly enhance business operations with less operation cost. With the companies growing up and expanding, the SMBs not only require a telephony solution that meets their current needs but also need a good solution which can grow with them.

IP PBX for office is designed as IP Office for SOHOs (Small Office and Home Offices) especially. The new solution offers not only a Wi-Fi router supporting 5G/LTE data access, ADSL, VPN Client/Server, VLAN but also a fully featured IP PBX that can host up to 10 extensions with 2 analog ports connected (PSTN line (FXO) / analog phone (FXS)), and supports Call Forward, Blind/Attendant Transfer, Conference, and so on.

It is configured and managed through a single web GUI which significantly reduces the time and effort required to install the product. This simplified management and reduction in hardware costs through merging two products into one makes it an amazing and cost-effective solution for SOHOs.

Amazing Features

Installation of Intercom & Landline services.

  • 30 ~ 500 Registers.
  • Modular design for Flexible Solutions.
  • No License Fee.

Individual Calls

Totally Handsfree

Existing Telephones

Great Support

Why Sheng Li Tel Intercom?

Our Intercom & Telephony service is build to handle the speed of your business, because we know that waiting is never an option.

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