Sheng Li is the first choice for any individual  & corporate for their Internet requirement as we care for you.Leading provider of end-to-end data connectivity services with last mile connectivity on Fiber and Wireless.

Provides inter & intra city Internet services and IP based VPN connectivity, network integration services & rural/state wide networks. Provides Point to Point as well as Point to Multipoint connectivity based on Radio Frequency technology.

Many service provider are not offering services into challenging areas due to heavy investment on last mile.

Major demand for Internet & Data connectivity.


Plenty of fiber available all across the country in just about every town.   Sheng Li is facilitating these services to customer with our Last mile skill for roll out.

Nobody else has last mile available at most of the remote location on their own fiber which Sheng Li can provide.

Incumbent Service Providers do not offer data connectivity in a large number of towns / cities / rural areas until it is high revenue returning location.In any national rollout, almost 50% sites are TNF (Technically Not Feasible).