Mobile Ki Pathshala.

We have created a unique form of education delivery via an audio-visual, animated-game based app that is highly effective cause it reaches children right on their mobile screen.

We believe that “A Picture is worth a Thousand Words”

For the first Time in India, we are offering New & Innovative way of learning at a minimal cost to suit your pocket.

This level of convenience is not offered by anyone else in Indian Market.

This makes for an Easy, Quick and Instant medium for delivering knowledge and thereby translates into effective studying. We designed our product overs years of research with the sole aim that we need to put the “Fun back in Learning”

What is Mobile Ki Pathshala ?

Mobile Ki Pathshala is a Educational Mobile App.  Mobile Ki Pathshala runs on most Tabs and Mobile Phones.

Mobile Ki Pathshala is truly the FUTURE of Education System.  Education for everyone on their Mobile Screen, AnyWhere AnyTime.

This App enables students Ready Access (24x7) to all syllabus based study material in Seconds.

Why Mobile ki Pathshala?

Mobile Ki Pathshala App consists over 45,000 minutes of syllabus based 2D & 3D Animated content, Videos, Images, Hundreds of Activities, Graphics, Experiments & Solved Examples that help the students to learn Effectively & Understand the Concepts Better.

The entire content, study material has been Designed & Developed by a Hand-picked team of Subject Experts.

As the subject comes live on the screen and as it appears in colors and actions, it helps in Easy, Quick and Instant learning.

We have created an exclusive Microfilming technique for colorful moving pictures that help grasp concepts and ensure long term retention.

Our app Develops Creativity and Imagination since the brain receives information in the form of colorful moving pictures, a students thinking and imaginative acumen is enhanced.

Students develop interest and concentration thereby enhancing long term memory.

Seeing is surely more powerful than Hearing. One does not forget what one sees.

For Multiple and Effective Revisions, the subject can be revised any number of times by repeating the slides.

Learning is self-paced, gives students a chance to speed-up and slow-down as and when needed.

Self study with subject matter experts.

Designed around the learners it is an absolute boon to Score Maximum Marks in the Exams. 24 x 7 accessibility, makes scheduling easy.

On demand access means learning can happen precisely when needed.

Courses are accessible and scheduled at your time.

You are not bound by time as the courses are available 24/7.

You are not bound by place- you can study at home, your workplace, during travel etc.

Geographical barriers are eliminated, opening up broader education options.

Students Travel Time and Associated Cost-(Tuition, Vehicle) are reduced or eliminated.

Learning is self directed, allowing students to choose content and tools appropriate to their differing interests, needs and skill levels.

You have the choice to choose from a wide range of courses to meet your needs.

Wide range of prices to fit your budget and your needs.

Ultimately, It will be FUN to Learn.. AnyWhere, AnyTime 24x7 and extremely useful for Last Minute Study (LMS)

Market Segments

Almost, every Sector & Segment will benefit from the use of Mobile Ki Pathshala however we feel three primary areas that will feel the biggest impact.