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Get the home services you need for the moments you’ll never forget.

At Sheng Li Telecom, we create more than just digital connections. We create human ones. Get Internet and Voice Service that make your life easier. And focus on what really matters.

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We have a variety of affordable internet service plans. Options range in price to suit every budget. Get download speed up to 1 Gig, subject to local availability. To find plans and prices in your area - Call us on +91 20 30030300

We take care of everything! A local technician will test the signal in your area. The technician will also install the Modem inside your house and connect you to the internet.

Enjoy high speed internet access. With Sheng Li Telecom Internet you can browse web pages, Check email, download music, and watch online videos. Get Sheng Li Internet today.

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Why Sheng Li Telecom? Because your passion is our passion.

  • Stable Internet connectivity.
  • Dedicated service assurance team.
  • Enjoy superfast speed on all devices.
  • Enjoy always-on connectivity with an uptime of 99%*
  • Upgrade to G-pon network without any increase in monthly rental.
  • We offer tailor made products with Best Offers and promise more value.
  • Surf the web with the fastest Internet speed available.
  • 24 x 7 dedicated Technical Support.
  • There's enough bandwidth for everyone in your home to be connected at the same time.

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Our dedication and flexibility allow us to provide clients with the highest level of services, regardless of their size, location or geographical regions. Experience the difference with us.

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